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Arnaud Delalande is an analyst, author and journalist specialized in military aviation and conflicts in Middle-East and North-Africa. Following a career of fifteen years working as an IT consultant and project manager for major clients in industry and banking, he moved into conflicts studying. His main current work covers Libyan and Iraqi crisis. His researches and analysis about the violation of the arms embargo and foreign countries involvement in the Libyan civil war was re-used and confirmed by latest report of United Nations Security Council Experts for Libya.  He is one of the co-author of the series of three books Libyan Air Wars, Helion Publishing in the African@war series, and the author of the book Iraqi Air Power reborn, Harpia Publishing.

He has published some forty articles for English and French defense (Défense et Sécurité Internationale) and aviation magazines (Combat Aircraft Monthly, Air Force Monthly, Air Fan, Air Combat, ASAS, Airpower, The Aviation Historian) and some thirty articles for online media (War Is Boring, Middle East Eye).  He is also the founder and editor of the blog Aéro Histo. He is regularly asked by journalists for his input on the current situation in Middle-East and North-Africa (Time, Le Monde, RFI, Libération, Middle East Eye). His work is quoted by United Nation Security Council, UK Ministry of Defence, Think Tanks (ECFR, ISPI, Atlantic Council, Oakland Institute), professional media (Foreign Policy Group, Defense One, The Daily Beast, Maghreb Confidentiel).

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